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No Medical. No Problem

In 2004 the FAA announced the new Sport Pilot Rules and Certification of aircraft and Airmen. This initiative has dramatically reduced the cost of learning to fly. The Sport Pilot certification process requires as little as 20 hours of instruction from an FAA certified flight instructor. The holder of a sport pilot license may fly a light sport aircraft (a 2 place aircraft weighing less than 1320 lbs) unlimited distances within the United States, in good weather, during daylight hours. US Sport Pilots are also permitted to fly to and from the Bahamas in Light Sport Aircraft.

US Sport operates the "Sports Coupe of the Sky" - The SportCruiser. The SportCruiser offers glass cockpit technology at a cost far less then traditional aircraft. The new Sport Pilot rules can also apply to certificated pilots with more advanced ratings that choose to let their FAA medical expire.

Following are some common questions about the Sport Pilot Certificate and training process. Click on a question to view the answer.

What are the Sport Pilot Privileges and Limitations?
  • Operate as pilot in command of a sport pilot eligible aircraft
  • Carry a passenger and share expenses (fuel, oil, airport expenses, and aircraft rental);
  • Fly during the daytime using visual flight rules (VFR). Three statute miles visibility and visual contact with the ground are required.
  • Cross-country flying anywhere in the U.S.
  • Fly up to 10,000 feet above mean sea level (MSL).
  • Fly solo or with one passenger.
  • Fly in Class E and G airspace (and B, C, and D airspace with appropriate training).
  • Allows sport pilots to fly production (standard airworthiness certificate) and experimental amateur-built aircraft that meet the definition of a light-sport aircraft.
  • Allows rental of special light-sport aircraft (S-LSA).

  • Prohibited from Class A airspace.
  • Prohibited from flying in Class B, C, or D airspace until you receive training and a logbook endorsement from an instructor.
  • May not tow any object.
  • No flights while carrying a passenger or property for compensation, hire, or
  • Prohibited from flying in furtherance of a business.
Can my Sport Pilot Training count towards other pilot ratings?
Yes, Sport Pilot training can launch a career in aviation. Many Sport Pilots choose to pursue their Private, Instrument, Commercial, ATP and Flight Instructor ratings after completing the Sport Pilot course. The time and experience gained in a LSA applies to experience required for more advanced ratings. Sport Pilot training is an excellent foundation for future aviation pursuits!
How much does it cost to become a Sport Pilot?
The FAA requires 20 hours of flight training (15 hours dual with an instructor and 5 hours solo) prior to taking what's called a check ride - your final exam. Each individual learns differently and at a different pace. Flying consistently (at least two or three times per week) and diligently studying the written material should keep costs to a minimum.

According to national averages, most people require 25 to 35 hours to complete a typcial sport pilot course. Your costs will include aircraft rental for the flight time you incur during your training, as well as instructor fees for flight and ground sessions, books, supplies, tools and some testing fees. We offer these items with flight time in complete packages at substantial discounts.
What are the basic “qualifications”?
  • At least 17 years of age
  • Valid state driver's license
  • Proficient in the English language
  • Be able to affirm general good health and not using substances or medications that impede judgment, cognition, or motor skills
What do I need to start my flight training?
A desire to learn and a driver's license
For the most part, you can show up for your first flight lesson with nothing but a primed eagerness to enjoy an exhilarating experience! The airplane and fuel are included in your price of instruction, so all you need are yourself, your learning skills, and your desire for FUN!

Just bring your valid state driver’s license and get started!
Once I've learned to fly, where can I fly?
After you have completed your training you will have limitless options.Your new Sport Pilots license will allow you to fly anywhere in the US and the Bahamas in good weather. GET OUT THERE AND EXPLORE!
How long will it take to get my pilot certificate?
20 hours of flight training is required to earn a sport pilot certificate. The Sport pilot training includes dual instruction (instructor and student flying together), cross-country flying (departing one airport and landing at another), and solo flights. Completing a Sport Pilot Certificate can take as little as two weeks!

*Note: Each student learns differently. This package price is based on the student completing the course in the MINIMUM time needed to earn the certificate: Sport Pilot requires 20 hours and the Private Pilot requires 40 hours. Additional flight time may be required to complete the rating. If additional time is required to complete the rating a block rate discount will be given.

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