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US Sport Aircraft Instrument Training - Cessna G1000 Skyhawk and SportCruiser from Czech Sport Aircraft
Earn Your Instrument Rating
Affordable Fast Effective

For about 1/4th less than the cost of our competitors, you can earn your Instrument Rating with US Sport Aircraft and enjoy a lifetime of memorable flying experiences.

  • Fly in a Cessna 172SP G1000
  • Experienced Flight Instructor Staff
  • Proven Training Curriculum
  • Minimum of 40 hrs Instrument Flight Training
  • Up to 20 hrs can be completed in a Simulator
  • Train at your pace: Accelerated programs in as little as 7 days
  • Finish Up Programs Available
  • Learn to fly in weeks, not months!
  • Flexible On-Line Scheduling
  • No Fuel Surcharges
  • No hidden Fees
  • Discounted Block Rates
  The Accelerated Instrument Course, from US Sport Aircraft.

Our program is geared for the busy pilot who wants to achieve his or her rating in a few short days, not over the course of nine months. Our highly skilled instructors are completely devoted to your scheduling requirements, whether you want to start at five in the morning or ten at night or anytime in between, we will meet your needs. Our success is largely due to the quality of our Instrument Flight Instructors. Our team of instructors are highly experienced, FAA Certified, IFR Veterans with thousands of hours of experience. We will assign an instructor who is totally dedicated to you and your schedule.

Each pilot client is interviewed prior to training to customize the course to his or her needs. US Sport Aircraft has a reputation for providing highly experienced and competent full-time instructors. We will strive to insure you have an excellent learning experience that is both challenging and rewarding.

Our training program is organized and simplified to allow you to have the best possible experience. You will become a Safe, Proficient, and Confident IFR pilot - whether you plan on flying hard IMC, or just busting through the clouds every once in a while, you will certainly be prepared. We believe there is no substitute for actual instrument flying. If at all possible, we will seek out weather that will get you real world, actual instrument conditions.

All of our fight training is done in the most up-to-date glass cockpit aircraft. Our aircraft are new, truly first class machines.

Call us today to discuss taking your flight training to the next level!

  • Must Read, Speak and Understand the English Language
  • Must Hold At Least a 3rd Class Medical
  • Must Have a Private Pilot License
  • IFR written exam complete if participating in the accelerated program
  • *Part 61 candidates must also have 50 hrs Cross-Country PIC Flight Time
Instrument Pilot Package
  • 35 Hours of Aircraft Rental
  • 40 Hours of Instruction
  • Jeppesen Instrument Text Book
  • US Sport Training Book
  • Practical Test Standards
  • FAA Knowledge Test Guide
  • IFR Enroute Chart
  • Flight Bag
  • Foggles® view limiting device

Special Package Price:  $7,500  
Most of our competitors charge more than this when you provide your own airplane!

We include the aircraft! If you're from out-of-town, we can also provide hotel and ground transportation.

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US Sport Aircraft • 4700 Airport Parkway • Addison Airport (KADS) • Addison, Texas 75001 • 972.735.9099
US Sport Aircraft is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Czech Sport Aircraft SportCruiser for the United States of America, Mexico and the Bahamas.